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You're not alone

We know grief can be isolating, and that it can feel overwhelming at times. We know how precious your time is, and how hard it is to find reliable information and support. We're here to help. 

As an organization, we're committed to learning as a core part of our work. We question everything and take nothing for granted. We know we don't know how you feel - we are a smile and a hug, and hopefully a help.


 Because we are constantly doing research and don't launch action plans without having done lots of testing, you will find our list of resources will be building over time, so check back often, and if you come across something or someone we should share with our community, please contact us. 

Our Resources

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Grief Playbooks

We are developing a series of Playbooks or "how-to" guides to help those who surround the child, like friends, cousins, teachers, etc, understand how best to support the children at different ages and stages of their lives. These playbooks will be developed in a variety of formats, like videos, written material, maybe even coloring books, depending on what is best for the children.

Computer Store

Smile Network

We are creating a proprietary online community which we’re calling the Smile Network. It will offer social connection for children and parents, to ensure the ill parents’ network endures, and when combined with the others who surround the child can provide active support.

Soccer Practice

Non-Profits and External Resources

US Non Profits

Kesem, support for children whose parent has cancer

Gilda's Club, a community for people whose lives are touched by cancer. 

UK Charities

Childhood Bereavement UK helps people rebuild their lives when a child grieves or dies. 

Grief Encounter, supporting bereaved children and young people

Studies and Articles

Upping my game as a parent...
Zahlis EH, Shands ME, Lewis

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