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Losing a parent
shouldn't mean
losing a childhood.

What We Do

Elizabeth's Smile is a nonprofit empowering people to address grief and build resilience, so that it can be dealt with constructively at different ages and stages of the grief journey. Losing a parent is the most difficult thing a child will face. In fact, the loss of a parent is the number one predictor of problems in school.

Grief is isolating, for both the child and survivng parent, so in creating a community of hope and healing,  we want people to know they're never alone. 

We are building innovative programs to support grieving children, leveraging our careers as entrepreneurs and non-profit leaders. 
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Grief Guides

These online and print resources help people understand how to handle grief at different ages and stages of a child's life.


Our research shows the community (family, faith leaders, sports coaches, friends etc) don’t have adequate knowledge and struggle to know what to do or say in the sad event a child loses a parent.


Grieving children say they feel “like aliens or outcasts” without support. These guides will help everyone close the gap and feel supported and loved.

The Smile Network

To ensure both parents’ relationships are built into a digital support network, and provide emotional and practical support, we have launched the first version of our Smile Network.

The Smile Network is a secure online community that provides a space for children and the people around them (parents, friends, colleagues, and family) to connect, share experiences, and find support.


This platform offers immediate and long-term benefits for children as they navigate life.


Members of a child's network can assist with practical and emotional needs, like homework, transportation, future university applications, job opportunities, or support during a special occasion.


Our Latest Blog Posts

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