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Nick Hungerford

Father. Husband. Friend. Founder.

17 June 1980 - 6 July 2023


We are deeply saddened to share the news of Nick’s death.


In loving memory of our founder, our work to make sure grieving children reach their full potential continues.  


Nick’s Smile will inspire us, always.

Click here if you would like to make a donation in honour of Nick, and leave a private message for the Hungerford family. 

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Sophie Adelman

Nick taught me so many things over the last decade as a friend and mentor. In particular about the power of purpose in making life meaningful and about the importance of living a full life. It was a huge honour to spend time with Nick and his family during his last few weeks celebrating the love so many people had and continue to have for him. I am so sad right now but I know Nick will live on in all our hearts. To Nancy, Elizabeth and Nick's family - my deepest condolences. I am here for you all.

Ben Brabyn

Nick met his own illness with characteristic generosity and practicality, setting out to build a legacy that will help Elizabeth and many other children and families facing bereavement. In establishing Elizabeth's Smile, he laid foundations on which we must build to ensure that every family can maintain and develop supportive relationships. Every donation will count in building on those foundations to support families contending with grief.

KC George

Nick saw and expected - demanded! - the best within everyone he befriended. I feel so lucky to have had the chance to know him, work with him, learn from him, be inspired by him. I must think "What would Nick do" 10 times a week trying to channel his vision, passion for excellence and impact, his kindness...and in his last few weeks, his confidence that he had lived his life well and fully, surrounded himself with the very best people - Nancy, Elizabeth, his parents, friends. Nick - I will carry your spirit with me, and miss you terribly along the way.

The Kimball Family

Lexi, Elyse and I are deeply saddened to hear about Nick's passing. Our love and light are with Nancy, Elizabeth, Nick's family and many friends and colleagues. Nick warmly and generously opened his heart to me, allowing me to join him on the journey in creating Elizabeth's Smile. Now as he joins Amy and all those who have passed, may we continue to be inspired by him and carry his legacy forward. Love endures. - Jeff


I am deeply saddened by the loss of Nick. Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you, Nancy, Elizabeth, and the entire family during this difficult time. I feel privileged to have joined Nick on his journey. His unwavering drive, infectious enthusiasm, and non-stop competitive spirit will forever echo in my memory. Nick's ability to go the extra mile sets a high standard for those around him. I am forever grateful for the impact he had on me and the valuable lessons I learned from him. May the smiles of every child touched by the work of Elizabeth's Smile bring you strength.

Jimmy McLoughlin

Every single interaction I had with Nick left me energised and fired up to take on the world. When I first met Nick in 2015, I admired what he had built with Nutmeg. They say never meet your heroes, but that could not be further from the truth with Nick. He became a mentor and friend, but he never stopped challenging me to think bigger, bolder, and how to have greater impact. I will miss him enormously. To have laid the seeds of Elizabeth's Smile is testament to the way that Nick approached life.

Alex Gillette

Thinking of you all and sending prayers your way for your beloved Nick. May his memory be a blessing.

Anna Fisken

I am so sorry to hear of Nick's untimely and tragic passing. Sending my deepest condolences to his wife, child, family and friends at this difficult time. I knew Nick through a brief stint of work experience I did at his company Nutmeg, but mainly through my brother Ed Kaznowski and William Todd to whom I know he was an inspirational colleague and exceptional friend.

Sri Jegarajah

Nick personified sheer optimism and a dignified, quiet courage in the face of illness that recalled my late father who also fought bravely against terminal illness. Like what Nick has achieved with Elizabeth’s Smile, my dad left a wonderful legacy behind - a school for the war-affected community in northern Sri Lanka. Nancy and Nick’s journey resonates strongly with mine. They’re kindred spirits, and wonderful, caring people. The values, compassion and goodness Nick embodied will live on in his legacy, and Elizabeth’s Smile. Nick, Nancy and Elizabeth, you will always be in our hearts.

Rob Martineau

Just saw the video message on BBC. I didn't know Nick, but found what he said so moving. So terribly sad but what an amazing person.

Amy Ganz

I am in awe of the legacy that Nick has built, and feel honored to have had the incredible opportunity to work with him this year. I never left a conversation with him without feeling inspired to challenge myself even more. I truly can’t thank him enough for everything he’s done for me.
Sending my condolences to Nancy, Elizabeth, and Nick’s family and friends - you are all in my thoughts.

Nick Gillett

Sending deepest sympathy to immediate Nick’s family and friends / colleagues . Very, very sad loss to humanity. May Nick now test in peace and may he never ever be forgotten. RIP from one Nick to another.

Justin Uzunovic

I am grateful to have witnesses Nick Hungerford at the helm of Nutmeg's growth over the years. A true genius and entrepreneur that was a major figure in the field. My condolences to all his loved ones as they grieve his passing.

My thoughts are with you all during this time as we all reflect in admiration of the the clear profound impact he had on everyone who knew him.

Walter Gunetilleke

First time I came to know of this kind hearted gentleman who has started the Elizabeth's Smile charity to help bereaved children worldwide. I am very sad to see such a kind hearted person and a successful tech enterpreneur leaving the world at a young age. I wish him attain the Supreme Bliss of Nibbana!

Jacob Riches

Nick made a difference and will continue to make a positive difference to many people's life. His ideas will live on through Elizabeth's Smile.

John Pearson-Hicks

The community at St Barnabas Pimlico are saddened to hear the news of Nick’s passing. Our love and prayers are with Nancy, Elizabeth and the whole family.

Waleed Khan

Nick inspired me and many other fintech entrepreneurs out there. He would always make time to have a chat and share his valuable advice. A truly lovely man who left a big impression on people he came in contact with. I will always remember him with his bright green Nutmeg hoodie and chunky headphones. My dearest and deepest condolences to his family and loved ones. Rest well my friend. Your legacy will continue for years to come...

John Darby

Very inspirational. I grieve with you in this extremely difficult time and my OH is going through the the same journey. Sending my love xxx

Mostafa Maleki

My deepest condolences to the Hungerford family. Nick was a fellow Stanford alum who always made time to engage, support, advise, and have conversation. For years, I would receive emails with his daily musings on the markets and the world’s most pertinent issues. His optimism, entrepreneurial spirit, and relentless pursuit of new challenges were truly inspiring. I’m sad that Nick is no longer with us, but am confident that his legacy and the work he did will continue to make the world a better place. May he rest in peace.

Pierre Touma

In life Nick was an example of turning rejection into a sweeping success and with his death he exampified how to convert his personal and family tragedy into a balm for less fortunate kids facing the loss of a loved one .
Prayers and loving thoughts to a great entrepreneur and his family . RIP Nick !

Sue McCauley

Nick has brought a new perspective to life beyond, for those young people who are left behind. His thoughtfulness, love and legacy, encapsulated in Elizabeth's Smile, will outreach his mortal life.
Much love an deep condolences to those he leaves behind. Sue xx

Natalie Do

You were a friend, mentor, inspiration, and a nonstop source of ideas and energy. You’ve touched lives, through business, and personally, more deeply than you probably knew. Rest in peace, Nick. We will continue your legacy.

John B S Hungerford

So sad to learn of Nick's death - and so sad for his family too. What an excellent idea to set up this charity.

Dee Kay

What an amazing person, just hearing about Nick on radio 4 Today programme. With love to Elizabeth and all the family at this sad time xx

Natalie Do

You were a friend, mentor, inspiration, and a nonstop source of ideas and energy. You’ve touched lives, through business, and personally, more deeply than you probably knew. Rest in peace, Nick. We will continue your legacy.

John B S Hungerford

So sad to learn of Nick's death - and so sad for his family too. What an excellent idea to set up this charity.

Dee Kay

What an amazing person, just hearing about Nick on radio 4 Today programme. With love to Elizabeth and all the family at this sad time xx

Lee Furniss

I didn’t know Nick but have just heard the feature on Radio 4 about his amazing charity. Nick clearly was a wonderful human being and the world is a worse place for his loss but his spirit and drive will carry on through his friends and dear family.

Irene Kenny

I heard Nick speak recently when he was interviewed about his imminent departure from this place. His spoke about his life and love for his family and particularly his daughter. The passion and dignity Nick displayed during the interview really stayed with me and I’m very sorry to hear he has now passed away. To his family, my sincere condolences. He was an incredible person and his legacy will live on, for the good of many people. Ultimately, legacy is all we have, and Nick can ‘rest easy’ you have served you purpose well Nick. Thank you so much Nick, on behalf of those who will benefit from your life’s legacy.

Buster Lake

Elizabeth, please carry on doing what your dad loved you to do and keep smiling. 🌻

Debbie Stevens

I didn’t know Nick but seeing he was a graduate from Exeter Uni made me feel a connection. I lost my husband in January this year from bone cancer and my daughter is graduating in Law at Exeter after studying throughout Covid and then latter months whilst her Daddy was having palliative care. Elizabeth’s smile I’m sure will bring so much hope and help throughout many bereaved children’s lives. Sending condolences to all his family

Christian Fraser

Here's to Nick! With sympathies!!

Claire Thomas 

Experience and shortened lives can bring wisdom. Nick, thanks for your legacy. Children who are not able to talk about the death of a parent will seek understanding one way or another. Long term adult silence can leave young minds festering in confusion. Through Elizabeth's Smile many adults will find ways to talk with their children so they can all move on with their lives.

Jeff Prestridge 

Nick. You were a pioneer who took on the investment establishment - and showed that investing does not have to be mystical or complicated. You will be sorely missed. Investment pioneers - putting investors first - will always be in short supply. You helped changed the investing world for the better.

Chris Ross

I have been lucky enough to be friends with Nick since university, long before he made his mark on the business world.
Even then Nick was a go-getter. He dreamed big but he set himself apart by bringing them to life - again, again and again. Perhaps even more importantly, he did it the right way - he was strong but also kind, fun and genuine. He loved being surrounded by people and always made time for those he cared about - qualities that have clearly never changed throughout his life.
Nick will quite rightly be remembered for his business success and his drive, especially in such tough circumstances, but I will also fondly remember him just as much for our shared love of Championship Manager, Tuesday nights at Arena and much, much more.

Anne Webster

Like countless others I never knew Nick nor had heard of him until that interview on Radio 4 and the sharing of his inspiring brave vision to create and sustain a supportive stimulating healing world for the countless bereaved children who are left bereft too soon. That he and Nancy birthed and founded such a creative project when they were themselves facing the worst is a testament to everything glorious in life; and I hope and pray that the regenerating of life and joy (amid the ashes and tears of Nick's inimitable legacy) are the testament and bedrock of the brilliant charity he and Nancy have set up. May Elizabeth's and Nancy's smile be upon him now. Thank you Nick for your oh-too-short-life, for making the world a better place, for your wonderful wife and - of course - your essential part in the birthing of Elizabeth's smile, one which will live on and continue to light up the world. Thank you Nick, thank you Nancy and thank you Elizabeth!

Michael Cuthbertson

I last met Nick 25 years ago, when he was a senior pupil at Monkton Combe School, of which I was then Head Master.
Nick showed great leadership qualities as a Deputy Senior Prefect. He was a shaker and mover in the School's Young Enterprise scheme (hardly surprising in view of his later achievements!). He had a huge ability to inspire others and an ability to make things happen. Others warmed to his cheerful, energetic and outgoing personality. He made a terrific contribution to the life of the School.
I have been very saddened and shocked to hear of his untimely serious illness and depth. It is typical of him to have set up a charity like 'Elizabeth's Smile', using his wealth to benefit others who have lost a parent very young.
Dawn, my wife, and I are holding the whole family very much in our prayers at such a sad and challenging time.

Chris Brycki

Nick was an inspiration to me and I feel very fortunate to have had his mentorship over the last 10 years. He was always warm, supportive and generous with his time. What a brilliant human being and impressive legacy he leaves. My deepest condolences to Nancy, Elizabeth and Nick’s family.


I never met Nick but reading these comments I wish I had. I think this is a really wonderful idea and I hope it helps not only Elizabeth but many more children in the same position. Sending love to you all.

Esther Sterngold

I followed Nick's illness through the media and was amazed, impressed by a man who inspite of all that he suffered, had the vision, impetus to think about his dear daughter's future.
I wish his parents, Nancy and Elizabeth long life. May G-d comfort you and give you the strength to cope with this enormous challenge.
May you find comfort through the philanthropic and benevolent deeds that you will do through this special Trust.
With all my love and admiration Esther

Judy Hungerford

 I am a family member of Nick’s and am desperately sad now that Nick has left us. He will be an endless inspiration to me to never give up. And he reminds me of that saying, 'whatever you do in life, make it count'. Nick made everything he did count. His was a lesson to all of us that you can still make something happen if you are committed enough to it. His love for his family was paramount and I'd like to thank his parents for giving us Nick, Nancy for loving him and for both of them giving us Elizabeth. Elizabeth will, I'm sure, grow up to be a shining star like her daddy: funny, kind, endlessly energetic and with unbeatable determination. His illness was the one thing he couldn’t beat, though he gave it his very best shot. That he and Nancy set up a charity thinking of others when they had so much to cope with themselves says it all really. Nancy and Elizabeth, we are with you, if not physically then certainly in spirit. Love and miss you Nick, AJ.

Simon Tyson

Nick generously supported many areas of activity here at his alma mater, the University of Exeter, including delivering guest lectures in our Business School, offering valuable careers advice, and helping individuals to develop their own entrepreneurial ideas. Nick was a source of great inspiration for many Exeter students, staff, and alumni.
On behalf of all at the University, sincere condolences to Nancy and family.

Luisa Pereira

Please dance with a smile amongst the Angels.

Seref Isler

Nick left a legacy of care, compassion and kindness. He will be missed.

Ed Dymott

RIP Nick. Thoughts with your loved ones

Laniakea Mitchell

So so sad for your lose and for the loss of a beautiful soul (few rare good ones left with virtues and reput God bless)

Joe Crook

I lost my dad when I was 10 and I am still processing it at the age of 40. It's ok not to be strong all the time, and it's ok to grieve and to cry. It's a brave thing to reach out to people for help. My heart goes out to everyone who knew Nick and loved him.

Megan Palmer

Sending all my love to Nicks family and the Hungerford's.
This charity is a beautiful idea and an amazing legacy

Muhammed Mekki

Sending much love and my deepest condolences from Dubai. Nick was my dear Stanford classmate and remains an inspiration to me on many levels. I have learned so much from Nick's example, facing his own mortality with such bravery and never ceasing to channel every ounce of energy he had into such an incredibly important cause. We are all terminal; Nick has shown us how to gracefully submit to that reality while ensuring the years—or days—we may have remaining are lived to their fullest. Miss you, Nick.

Andy Leonard

So sorry to hear of your passing Nick, you were a great character with a passion for whatever you were involved in. I remember how keen you were when you first started with us at Gerrard Investment Management (Greig Middleton Stockbrokers).
You will be missed & thoughts are with your family and friends.

Ngozi Sylvia Ezeh

The world's lost a brilliant mind. May his soul rest in perfect peace. His legacy will live on.

Prof Jane Coad

I met Nick (and Jeff Kimball) via the UK vision for Elizabeth's Smile. It was an absolute honour to be an advisor and support this important work. In his life he touched so many lives and whilst so so sad, in Elizabeth's Smile he will touch even more. Thank you so much. Love Jane

Jamie D

I just wanted to say how moved I was by reading your story and your hopes for your daughter. As a father to a young daughter I found your words important, profound, uplifting and insightful. You have touched many people's lives and your generosity of spirit, courage and resilience, will live on in the many people's hearts and minds, mine (a total stranger) included.

firstminute capital

Nick was an inspiring entrepreneur and wonderful man, and we feel lucky to have known him. Sending our deepest condolences to Nancy, Elizabeth and Nick's friends and family.
Brent, Spencer & the entire firstminute capital team

Lynn Keegan

First, I would like to extend my sincere condolences to Nick’s family, friends and co-workers. What an incredible gift he has left the world. When I was 3 months old in 1959, my father died of polio. Although I was too young to understand my loss, I am sure my family’s grief was deeply felt by me. My sister, however, was 3 years old when he passed. She claims to this day that she missed him terribly - I know it changed her life. She now has advanced MS (primary progressive). The effects of such an event, the profound loss of a loving parent, cannot be measured. We move on, but there is a part of us that mourns forever and constantly begs, “what would my life have been like, what would I have achieved, had he survived?” Thank you, Nick, for recognizing this desperate need and for having the courage of your convictions to pursue such a noble cause. Lynn Keegan

Ben Seager-Scott

I only had the pleasure of meeting Nick once, but he was a true visionary and inspiration. He has had a huge and positive impact on the UK wealth management landscape (the area I'm most familiar with) and clearly this energy was reflected in many other parts of his life.
Thoughts are with the whole family at this difficult time.
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