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Why We Believe in Random Acts of Smiling

We believe passionately in Random Acts of Smiling. Children, while grieving, need to be children, and what’s better for a child than a smile?

And it just so happens to be Random Acts of Kindness Week.

Turns out being kind is actually good for us. Seriously. According to The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation, being kind increases our oxytocin levels. Also known as “The Love Hormone,” oxytocin can help lower blood pressure, improve heart health and increase our self-esteem and make us more optimistic.

We want to challenge you to make the children in your life smile this week. Whether it’s your own children, nieces, nephews, students — making them smile will brighten their day. And it also just might brighten yours as well.

If you post your Random Acts of Smiling on social media, feel free to tag us!

Some ideas from us are below, but make it your own and let us know how you made someone smile!

  • Check in on them. Ask how their day at school was or if there’s anything they’ve been struggling with lately.

  • Have a dance party. (I may be biased, but this one sounds like the most fun 🪩)

  • Give them a hug.

  • Make arts and crafts. They don’t have to be pretty — just let your imagination run wild!

  • Leave a post-it note with an encouraging message for them.

  • Go for a walk with them. Fresh air can do wonders for our minds.

  • Cook their favorite meal for them. Mac and cheese with dino chicken nuggets? I’ll be right over.

  • Put together a care package for them. I’ve put one together for someone with $25 at Five Below and it was so meaningful to them. You can also put one together with them for someone else — that way, they get to participate on the act of kindness as well!

If you’ve made it this far, I hope you’re able to make someone smile this week. The amount of ways you can do so is… truly infinite.

And just know — you matter and so does your smile. :)

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