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About Us

In 2022, our founders, Nick and Nancy Hungerford, started Elizabeth's Smile to help millions of children who will lose a parent, inspired by their daughter, Elizabeth.


We empower grieving children to build resilience and cope with their grief in healthy and meaningful ways. We work to ensure that our research and programs are free and accessible to all who need them.


We exist to remind children they are not alone and that it is ok to be a child, to smile while one also grieves.

Elizabeth’s Smile is a charity that runs like an innovative start-up. Our two focuses as a charity are research and building scalable products.

Some of the children who inspire our work:


The inspiration for our name, Elizabeth represents the promise each child we support holds. 


Known for her vibrant smile, she is the child of our co-founders, Nick and Nancy Hungerford. 


We're creating Elizabeth's Smile so that she and other children will be supported as they grow, and know they're never alone. 

Screen Shot 2022-10-28 at 12.07.49 AM.png
Lexi and Elyse
After they lost their mother to cancer at ages 5 and 3, they received support from her father, coaches and teachers, both earning all academic and athletic honors in high school and college. But despite the honors, they still feel the depth of the loss and struggle at times with their grief.  They yearn to learn more about their mom and connect with her network, which is why they are looking forward to joining the Smile Network in 2023.
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