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Our Research

As an organization, we're committed to learning as a core part of our work. We question everything and take nothing for granted.

Because we are constantly doing research and don't launch action plans without having done lots of testing, you will find our list of resources will be building over time, so check back often, and if you come across something or someone we should share with our community, please contact us.

Our research includes:

  • Grief Guide Customer Research: Georgetown University is conducting research to help us determine how many guides we will need to develop, based on any number of factors like a child’s age, gender, faith, income, etc. 

  • Focus Groups: Georgetown was also retained to conduct focus groups over the next two years. This research will help us understand how best to support children and families, and where gaps may exist. 

  • Academic research: Being conducted by Dana-Farber Cancer Institute / Harvard Medical School, is nearing completion. 

  • Ethnographic and Clinical research has not yet been designed, and we are interested in soliciting proposals.  

  • We are also looking to fund "big ideas" that help advance the science significantly.

Non-Profits and External Resources

US Non-Profits & Other Resources
Kesem Grief Camps

A grief camp working to ensure that every child affected by a parent's cancer is never alone.

Cancer Support Community
(formerly Gilda's Club)

Provides both in-person and virtual programming for families impacted by cancer, or the death of a parent to cancer. 

Inheritance of Hope

Serving young families facing the loss of a parent due to terminal illness with resources and relationships for each family member.

US-based resources
A Guide for those grieving a loss from Mesothelioma Cancer (contributed)

Contributed by, this guide provides information for those grieving a loss relating to mesothelioma.

Mass General - Finding Help

A useful resource to know when to seek professional help for yourself or a loved one, and a breakdown of the different types of mental health providers.

Widowed Parent

Videos and written resources for understanding grief and supporting yourself and your child through grief. Includes additional recommendations for books, support groups, children’s grief camps, and more.


Find in-person grief support groups near you, or join online groups.

Open to Hope

Articles, books, podcasts, and videos of professionals and other bereaved people sharing their experiences with grief.

Lotsa Helping Hands

One option for easily coordinating and mobilizing your support network after a loss to help with tasks like meals, child transportation, and chores.


An organization that supports with the logistics of grief.

Life of Dad

Research shows that men tend to have fewer built-in support networks to navigate parenting and grief. This site has blog posts, videos, podcasts, and Facebook groups specifically to help support fathers.

What's Your Grief?

Resources by mental health professionals for those who are:

- grieving

- supporting someone who is grieving

- grief professionals

They also have a space to share about your grief.

American Cancer Society

This site has a number of guides on explaining cancer to children, helping them understand death, and ways to provide support after the death of a loved one.

Cancer.Net from the American Society of Clinical Oncology

Trusted information about all types of cancer and cancer treatment. This site provides additional information as you talk with older children and teenagers who may have more questions.

Dougy Center: The National Center for Grieving Children and Families

Expert information and resources for children of different ages and for their caregivers to help children understand and navigate grief. Explore activities for kids of each age group.

National Alliance for Children’s Grief

Comprehensive resources for understanding children’s grief, talking with children about grief, and finding local and online support.

Sesame Street Workshop

Storybooks, information guides, activities, and videos to help children learn how to cope with grief.

Screenshot 2024-01-31 at 11.56.21 AM.png

Mentoring programs pairing grieving children with adults who lost a parent as a child, in order to empower and support them on their grief journey.

Trust & Will

A digital estate planning and settlement platform with a mission to help every family leave a legacy.

Childhood Bereavement UK

Helping children, young people, parents, and families rebuild their lives when a child grieves or dies.

UK-based resources
UK Charities & Other Resources
Grief Encounter

Providing free professional and specialist bereavement support services for nearly two decades.

It's Time

Offering free peer support for young people who have lost a parent.

The Ruth Strauss Foundation

Providing emotional support for families to prepare for the death of a parent

Legacy of Lives

Providing free tools for you to plan a funeral with an easy-to-use funeral comparison tool.

Tailored Yarn

Bespoke Bereavement Books - specially designed fictional stories which preserve memories.

Something Very Sad Happened: A Toddler’s Guide to Understanding Death
by Bonnie Zucker (Author), Kim Fleming (Illustrator)
A Kids Book About Death
Why Do I Feel So Sad?: A Grief Book for Children
by Tracy Lambert LPC (Author), Elena Napoli (Illustrator)
What Does Grief Feel Like?
by Korie Leigh (Author), Mike Malbrough (Illustrator)
When Someone Dies: A Children’s Mindful How-To Guide on Grief and Loss
One Wave at a Time: A Story about Grief and Healing
by Holly Thompson (Author), Ashley Crowley (Illustrator)
I Miss You: Grief and Mental Health Books for Kids (A First Look at…Series)
by Pat Thomas (Author), Lesley Harker (Illustrator)
The Tide Inside
by Katy Towse (Author), Molly Jones (Illustrator)
It's OK That You're Not OK: Meeting Grief and Loss in a Culture That Doesn't Understand
by Megan Devine (Author), Mark Nepo (Foreword)
Studies & articles
Studies & Articles
Upping my game as a parent: Attributed gains in participating in a cancer parenting program for child-rearing parents with advanced cancer
Zahlis EH, Shands ME, Lewis FM (2020).
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