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Welcome to the Smile Network

Grief is a lifelong journey. The Smile Network is a secure online community where a grieving child can learn about their parent, ask for help when needed, and access important memories through stories, videos, and pictures.

This platform offers immediate and long-term benefits for children as they navigate life. Members of a child's network can assist with practical and emotional needs, like homework, transportation, future university applications, job opportunities, or support during a special occasion.

Our Smile Network is in its MVP stage, so there may be bugs or issues. If you encounter them, or have any ideas for ways we can improve the network, please fill out the form linked here.

The Smile Network is unavailable while we review the MVP testing. Please check back with us for updates. 

Core Features 

Making Connections

Research shows that children losing a parent don't just lose one person; they lose an entire network that, in many cases, powers the opportunities they have in life.

The Smile Network provides a space for children to connect with their parent's network of friends, colleagues, and family. 

Sharing Memories

Pictures, videos, and writings can all be saved by a child in The Smile Network. Their connections will also be able to share memories with the child so their ill parent’s memory can live on.

Milestones - Being there for Important Moments

Playing in the big game? Performing in the school’s musical? Celebrating a birthday or graduation?

A child’s connections on their network will be notified of any big events so they can celebrate the child.


Whether virtually or in person, support for the child’s milestones is impactful as they navigate the grieving process.

Providing Practical and Emotional Support, Now and in the Future

We all need a shoulder to lean on sometimes.

When joining a child's network, supporters will sign an agreement promising to provide support through and after the loss of the child's parent.


Most importantly, we hope you are able to remind the child of their parent's smile.

If you find this network valuable, please consider a donation to help cover the cost of sustaining it 

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