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Fundraise For Us

We are honored that you are interested in supporting our cause.  You can start your own fundraiser immediately by clicking the button below, or you can read through this page and find some creative ideas such as running a race, hosting a party, or challenging others to do something fun - like join you in running a marathon (ok, fun for some). No idea is too big or too small. 

If you have any questions or ideas you want to share, please click below to contact us.  Thank you for helping us make a difference for grieving children.

Elizabeth's Smile Fundraising Guide

Continue reading for general information, or click one of the buttons below for more specific ideas. 

The impact of your effort is profound. Because our operating costs have already been covered, every dollar you donate goes directly to supporting grieving children and their families. Together, we can turn heartache into hope.

We know that fundraising takes a lot of time and effort - we want you to know we're here to help in any way that we can, including:

Featuring you on our website, blog posts and socials with a blurb written by you

fundraise for us - social post_edited.png

Helping you set up a personalized JustGiving account. This is where your fundraising effort will start. Once you create your personal page, you can determine what you want to do, and where you want to direct your funds. All the complicated behind-the-scenes stuff is already done! Just set your goal and go!  

fundraise for us - justgiving_edited.png

We can also help by providing you with materials (print and digital) explaining more about what we do and why, and help with the purchase of things like stickers or tee shirts.

fundraise for us - brochures and stickers_edited.jpg
What's in it for you?

We have some incentives for you depending on the amount you raise for Elizabeth's Smile.

If you raise $100...

  • We'll send you a tee shirt!

If you raise $1,000...

  • We'll send you a water bottle, a tote bag, and a baseball cap!

If you raise $10,000...

  • We'll send you everything above, a notebook, a sweatshirt and our team will send you a giant HUG, and quite possibly something fun, like an ice cream party...

fundraise for us - merch_edited.png

*please note that designs and items we have available are subject to change

Unsure where to start but looking to volunteer or get involved?
fundraise for us - businesses.png
If you are a corporation/business...

Please consider making us your charity of the year or part of your corporate giving program! Encourage your employees to participate in workplace giving campaigns or organize team-building events that raise funds for Elizabeth's Smile. Collective efforts create a greater impact.

Align your brand with Elizabeth's Smile and dedicate a percentage of your sales to support our cause. Consumers appreciate businesses that give back to the community.

Support our programs by donating goods or services that can benefit the children we serve. Every contribution makes a meaningful difference.

Raise Awareness

  • List us on your website or corporate giving portal as a preferred charity

  • Add this line to your email signature: Help support grieving children at

If you are a school or work as a teacher/guidance counselor...

Teachers and schools hold a special place in the lives of children, providing not just academic guidance but also emotional support. You witness firsthand the challenges that grief can present in the lives of students, and your compassion makes a world of difference.

Organize creative and engaging fundraisers within your school community. Events like charity runs, talent shows, or art auctions can not only raise funds but also bring students, parents, and teachers together to support a common cause.

In addition to fundraising events...

Consider arranging workshops or assemblies to educate students and staff about the challenges faced by grieving children. These events can promote understanding, empathy, and support for those coping with loss. Utilize our resources to foster open discussions about grief to create a supportive environment for grieving students and raise awareness about the impact of loss.

fundraise for us - teachers.png
If you are a healthcare worker...

Organize a hospital-wide fundraiser or start a personal campaign among your colleagues, friends, and family. Your collective efforts can create a significant impact on the lives of children who need it most.

Organize workshops or talks to raise awareness about the challenges faced by grieving children and the support they need. These events can help destigmatize grief and encourage open conversations.

Encourage your healthcare network to come together and contribute regularly to support Elizabeth's Smile. Small, consistent donations can have a profound impact on our ability to provide our resources and products for free to all who need them.

We would also be happy to send you custom Elizabeth's Smile scrubs as a thank-you to the medical staff working daily to impact the lives of so many people.

fundraise for us - scrubs_edited.png

Our founder, Nick Hungerford, with healthcare workers wearing our custom Elizabeth's Smile FIGS.

Host your own fundraising event!
fundraise for us - events.png

We know that planning a fundraiser is no easy task. We thank you for your time and effort to help raise awareness and funds for our nonprofit. 

There are millions of ways you can fundraise for Elizabeth's Smile. Be creative! Wondering where to start? Some ideas are listed below:

  1. Charity Run/Walk: Organize a fun run or walkathon in your community, inspiring participants to run or walk for smiles. Set up a registration fee or encourage participants to seek sponsorships.

  2. Benefit Concert: Host a musical extravaganza featuring local talents or bands. Sell tickets to the concert, and allocate a portion of the proceeds to support Elizabeth's Smile.

  3. Art Auction: Collect art pieces from local artists or your community and host an art auction event. The proceeds from the auction can directly contribute to our programs for grieving children.

  4. Community Carnival: Organize a fun-filled carnival with games, food stalls, and activities for families. Charge an entry fee, and donate a percentage of the proceeds to Elizabeth's Smile.

  5. Virtual Fundraiser: In today's digital age, you can organize virtual events such as online workshops, webinars, or virtual game nights. Encourage online donations and participation.

Your support means the world to us and the children we serve.

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