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Join us for Miles for Smiles, a weekly event from September - early November where you can run or walk a mile (or more) in support of grieving children and their caregivers. Each step you take brings hope and awareness to those in need. Share your journey, make a donation, and be a part of our compassionate mission.

What We Do

We empower people to address grief and build resilience. Our focus is on conducting comprehensive research and building innovative programs to support grieving children. Leveraging our careers as entrepreneurs, we are a learn-test-build-test organization. Our team brings decades of experience launching and scaling non-profit and for-profit start-ups, along with lived experience. 

The Smile Network

Grief is a lifelong journey. The Smile Network is a secure online community where a grieving child can learn about their parent, ask for help when needed, and access important memories through  stories, videos and pictures. Parents or caregivers invite friends and family to join a network they administer. To create your network or learn more, click the link below. ​


Grief Guides

Grieving children often feel isolated and misunderstood. As they grow through different ages and stages of their lives, they experience grief differently. We are developing a series of "how-to" guides to help those who surround the child, like friends, family, teachers and coaches understand how best to support children. 



Our research (including academic, ethnographic, focus groups and clinical research) aims to bring the science of understanding childhood grief up to date and help us understand the best way, through scalable products, to support grieving children. The results of our research will be made available for free to all those who support grieving children. 

In the US...

1 in 12 children will experience the death of a parent or sibling by age 18.

550,000 children will lose a parent to cancer.

In the UK...

1 in 20 children will lose a parent by age 16.

26,900 parents die each year, meaning a parent dies every 20 minutes on average.

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